Filippo Gamba | The moon in a piano (Versione Inglese)
Filippo Gamba
27 September 2014
By filippog

The moon in a piano (Versione Inglese)

HAZ Hanover, 28 Settembre 2000
“Der Mond im Flügel”
Filippo Gamba plays in the small NDR-Sendesaal in Hanover

To Filippo Gamba, form is the highest principle.

Born in 1968, the Italian opened the Pro-Music cycle dedicated to prize-winning pianists at the small NDR-Sendesaal in Hanover, arousing interest from his first note.
Two Sonatas by Scarlatti were shaped into excellent form and, where required, Gamba was even able to transform himself into a bel canto pianist.
Gamba presented Beethoven’s Sonata in D major op.10 – a very difficult piece with its staccato octaves and nimble figures – as a model of motif-thematic composition and as expressive music with shades of Schubert in the Largo.

After the interval, the winner of the Géza Anda 2000 competition even made moonlight shine from his piano in a Debussy Prelude, evoking the autumn atmosphere of faded leaves with a perfect touch and without the dampening pedal.
Schumann’s Davidsbündlertänze finally showed how romantic sensibility and the desire for precise and complete illumination are not mutually exclusive and may rather, ideally, accompany one another.

Gamba personifies the essence of Schumann, dissociated in the exuberant Florestan and in the almost elegiac Eusebius, in such a convincing manner that even the slightest cough or murmur of voice amongst the audience dropped away completely.

Enchanting piano visions arose in the hall.
The dreams of Gamba, nourished by excellent instinct and technical skill, drew cries of ‘bravo’ and an enthusiasm appeased only by two encores (Chopin and Liszt).

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